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With over 38 years in the industry Densheds Ltd has the ability to provide a one stop shop for your garden building project.

All garden building installations and services are provided by our experienced installation team who are able to undertake the following types of work

  • Base Laying Service

  • Takedown & Disposal of all timber sheds (empty of contents with no electric)

  • Fencing, Decking and gates

  • Paint Service
  • Refelting your existing building (existing roof must be sound)
  • Repairs and Maintenance to your existing Densheds shed

Get in touch to get a no obligation site survey

Base Laying Service

We provide 4 different types of bases to suit all budgets and garden projects. As well as complete NEW installations we are able to extend your existing base if required.

All of our bases (excluding concrete) can be completed on the same day as installation. Concrete bases are subject to site survey and will necessitate a two day installation as the concrete will require time to cure.

Bearers on the ground


Bearers are a popular choice for buildings up to an 8 x 6 (2440mm x 1830mm). They are 4" x 2" (95mm x 47mm) tanalised timbers, and are suitable for firm level ground only.

They are a quick and easy solution to your base requirements.

Timber Frame

Timber Frame Deck

Timber Frame decks are suitable for uneven ground. They are constructed in situ using 4" x 2" (95mm x 47mm) tanalised timbers to create a firm level platform. Down supports are dug into the ground and set in fast acting concrete . This type of base can be installed on the same day as your choosen garden building.

Paving Slab Base

Paving Slab Base

Paving Slab bases can be installed as the same day of your garden building installation, making this type another popular choice. We use 2' x 2' commercial slabs laid on a dry mix of sand and mortar.

Concrete Base Example

Concrete Base

Concrete bases are all subject to site survey as the ground level and access to your proposed site need to be considered. This method also requires a 2 day visit to enable time for the base to cure, before we are able to install your building.

Takedown Service

As a License Waste Carrier we can dismantle and dispose of your old Timber Garden Building.


All you need to do is empty the contents and disconnect any electrics, we will do the rest

Fencing and trellis example

Fencing & Decking

We can install fencing, decking and gates.

To get a no obligation site survey please call the Sales Office on

0208 449 5049

Paint Service

All our buildings are pre treated at the factory with a wood preserver. Densheds Ltd also provides a Colour painting service. We have a large selection of colours to choose from, with examples at our display site at Crews Hill, Enfield

Painted Notton Shed
Painted Grande Shed
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